Saturday, 26 December 2015

Startup Pirates - 8 Full Days Adventure

What IS IT ? 

Startup Pirate is a Program of 8 Full intensive Days of pre-acceleration where you have a clear focus on your Idea and you Will Validate it.
It is recommended for Aspiring Entrepreneurs that will Immerse in a challenging environment, perfect for failing fast and evolve quickly.

At the End, Winner receive a package of products/services of local Companies worth around 30 Thousand euros. Pretty good for starting up ;)

Winner and The other Groups receive a Good startup Package with discounts in several Online Services:

What are the requirements for Sign-up ?

There is no requirements, beside Motivation.

You will be asked to fill a form with some information and the Last Question is "Why You decided to participate ?".

Here is my Motivation phrase that I Hope to Help and Inspire You:

"I want to be a Pirate because I Ambition to make a Trip out of the Ordinary.

Apart from being in Constant Learning, it is part of my daily life Finding Solutions. Thus I am prepared to face any Obstacle.

Count me on this Trip because We will find the Treasure!"

My Experience

I Really Enjoyed every minute of it, not only because I was learning all the time, Meeting people from different backgrounds but also for the feedback receive from mentors and Pirates that are sailing (Entrepreneurs that already did it ).

The hard part of it, is to Find Quickly as possible the Best Partners for your Group. Otherwise you Will Have a much more Work to be done and conflicts can arise.


Bring an Idea to Pitch: Before the first Day, write and talk with friends about your ideia.
Bring Motivation: It's only 8 Days, so talk with everyone and Help others if you Can. 
Focus on Event: Don't schedule anything for these 8 Days. 

More Info: Startup Pirates

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