Friday, 22 January 2016

How to recovery after Breaks-ups

I have been trough a breakup and It really touched me in a way that I never thought I would survive.

So I decided to share some useful tips I found out.

If there is an opportunity to change, she will let you know what to do. If not, follow the list below

To-do List after a breakup !
  1. Block her facebook and other social networks
  2. Block her contact on mobile phone
  3. Tell only to your best friends what’s going on. They will support you!
  4. Take care of yourself and go to Run, Walk, Gym, Haircut, message. Waste your energies!
  5. Schedule a trip after a week or so (not too soon, so you can enjoy) to somewhere you wanted to go, but never went.
  6. Also you can volunteer in some animal institution, or even Travel for free etc

Must do Lists 7 and 8.
  1. Write everything you didn’t like about her!
  2. Write what you wanted to do but she won’t.

  1. Every time you think about her, remember the 7 and 8 lists.
  2. Note: If there is nothing, i mean Zero things above, then Think about what you can do to improve yourself! Think about what she complained.

  1. Think & Write about your Future, your Dreams, your Goals and Objectives of Life! Focus on THAT.
  2. Think Positive and Act Positive on 11 list, and fill the empty space you have with them. Plan and Work on them.

  1. Every Time it hurt… Simply Breath

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