Tuesday, 16 February 2016

1 Reason to Sleep little

This last month I have slept so little 4-6 hours (usually sleep 7-8 to feel ok), not because I am in trouble with something but because I am so excited to make it Happen.

I am a Tech guy but I have been researching Business related stuff since 2012.
Found lots of information on Internet that made me confused and that got me to create this Blog.

This way you can read and imagine how it is to create a business Blog.

Have you been in a state where you can see where you go and you feel you are getting there each day ??
That's where I am! and Where I want you to go!

Better part is I don't even need coffee to be awake ;)

Tip of Week: Work each day at least 1 hour for your personal project.

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